Saturday, January 3

winter knitting!

this is a baby set that i made for my friend rochelle's little boy, grant. the pattern is all original and i love the colors that she picked out. i still have to acquire a picture of him dressed all up in it because it is pretty cute, but until then i hope you can picture it with a little kid body inside it, all squirming around.the hat has a little button band that comes up under the chin and buttons on the opposite ear...

and the sweater has a little hood and is lined with a soft brown flannel.

overall a very fun little project that turned out fairly well.


Megan said...

Oh my goodness it's awesome! Way to go Jes! Seriously, you're a professional!

the O's said...

Oh Jes- that is so beautiful! I absolutely love that little sweater and the hat. Wow- I found some mittens in the crawl space at my parents this Christmas in Alaska that I made for Jed- I think they were the ones I made one morning at 5am, when you woke up and I was knitting in bed :)
I am so inspired by your amazingness

littlegreen said...

oh man I LOVE that, beautiful work! what a cozy little outfit for a baby! You are the cutest Jes!