Thursday, March 10

the diaper bag project

this was one of those projects that i had planned to work on while i was on bedrest, but that chunk of time got cut short with oliver's arrival (also it would have been a little difficult to pull the sewing machine up to the couch...) when my in-laws were here a few weeks ago, i finally found the time to make a diaper bag! i used a nice, heavy home-decor fabric for the outside of the bag and a cotton, quilting fabric to line it.

the inside features six pockets around the sides that stay fairly closed due to the elastic trim. these have been perfect for storing extra burp cloths, outfits, bottles, you name it! and then larger items, such as blankets (see below) can go in the main space.
i fashioned an adjustable strap out of D-rings mostly so that my husband could use it as well (and he actually picked out the fabric too!).last, but not least, we have one large, divided pocket on the front of the bag, perfect for papers, calenders, and appointment cards (you can tell we've mostly just taken the boy to the pediatrician and back).it works great! i unfortunately didn't keep track of how i made it, so if i ever need to make another one, i'll be making it up as i go, like i did with this one. and now i'm just waiting for opportunities to use it more!