Tuesday, January 27

wee little knitting!

well, one of my co-workers just had a little baby girl named Audrey and i had been wanting to make one of these little cardigans for awhile from the Debbie Bliss book Essential Baby...(isn't it amazing how the timing just "worked" out?) i used a recycled pink cotton from a sweater that i unraveled and it ended up super soft and definitely baby friendly (washable and dryable). the embellishments with embroidery seemed to really complete the look of the sweater, i almost couldn't give it up :)

i know these aren't the best lit shots, i really need to remember to take my photos in the daytime, not at night when i want to get something posted, but i'm sure you will not judge too harshly.
sweet little baby clothes and toys are some of my favorite things to knit!

the Great Bag Swap, part 1.6

well, i have a few more pictures of bags to share with you all so we'll just get right to it! first of all here is my mom with the bag that grandma vi sent her.and here is my sister kate with the bag that peggie made for her, and an internal view to boot!so, that's almost all of them, we haven't gotten to see a picture of the bag that megan made for peggie yet but i promise it will get it's own spotlight and not get left out, but i know the rest of you are wanting to see these fabulous bags, so enjoy them and stay tuned for the conclusion!!

Monday, January 12

the great BAG swap of 2008, part 1

well, here is what you have all been waiting for: the photos i've received so far on the bag swap... this post will hopefully urge you that haven't sent me photos (and i believe you know who you are:) to send them my way so we can all share. first we have Grandma Vi's bag, courtesy of Kate!and here is my bag, made by mom (aka lynne!), inside and out!!!
here is megan with her bag, made by teresa!and finally (for this post at least) we have teresa with my bag!well, there we are, thank you everyone for participating in our annual little swap. i really love this exchange and i can't wait to see what our theme is next year, i hope everyone will be involved again... and i hope to get part 2 up on this blog soon so we can see the other bags exchanged! thanks again for a great success!

Saturday, January 3

winter knitting!

this is a baby set that i made for my friend rochelle's little boy, grant. the pattern is all original and i love the colors that she picked out. i still have to acquire a picture of him dressed all up in it because it is pretty cute, but until then i hope you can picture it with a little kid body inside it, all squirming around.the hat has a little button band that comes up under the chin and buttons on the opposite ear...

and the sweater has a little hood and is lined with a soft brown flannel.

overall a very fun little project that turned out fairly well.