Tuesday, January 27

the Great Bag Swap, part 1.6

well, i have a few more pictures of bags to share with you all so we'll just get right to it! first of all here is my mom with the bag that grandma vi sent her.and here is my sister kate with the bag that peggie made for her, and an internal view to boot!so, that's almost all of them, we haven't gotten to see a picture of the bag that megan made for peggie yet but i promise it will get it's own spotlight and not get left out, but i know the rest of you are wanting to see these fabulous bags, so enjoy them and stay tuned for the conclusion!!

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Megan said...

Wow, the bags look great! And of course, so do the models! :) I love that Amy Butler pattern, I saw someone with the same bag at church last week and now I think I need one too! :) It's so cute!