Tuesday, January 27

wee little knitting!

well, one of my co-workers just had a little baby girl named Audrey and i had been wanting to make one of these little cardigans for awhile from the Debbie Bliss book Essential Baby...(isn't it amazing how the timing just "worked" out?) i used a recycled pink cotton from a sweater that i unraveled and it ended up super soft and definitely baby friendly (washable and dryable). the embellishments with embroidery seemed to really complete the look of the sweater, i almost couldn't give it up :)

i know these aren't the best lit shots, i really need to remember to take my photos in the daytime, not at night when i want to get something posted, but i'm sure you will not judge too harshly.
sweet little baby clothes and toys are some of my favorite things to knit!


Megan said...

Sooooooooooo CUTE! I'm really impressed with the things you make out of recycled yarn, I really want to do that, it might make knitting afordable for me! But seriously, that's a gorgeous sweater! Did the pattern have the embroidery or did you add that yourself? Gorgeous job, as usual Jes! :)

Katelyn said...

oh my goodness, that is sooo cute!! I LOVE it! Man, that friend of yours is so lucky!! You make the cutest things Jes, I can't wait til you have a little baby, he/she will be the best outfitted little knitted-wear kid, sooo cute! love you tons... I am excited that this whole women's conference thing seems to be shaping up! love you.kates

Ariane said...

Love it! Where do you get the sweaters to unravel? Second hand stores? Is that cheaper than buying it new? So creative, I wish I had people near me to help me knit better. I can do basic nits but can't follow patterns. I've called your mom a few times frusterated, but I finally gave up. Be so glad for that talent! And people to help you when your stuck. grrr