Wednesday, September 17

a wearable creation!

well, it can be worn. i've done it twice now. i just wanted to post a few pictures so you could all see it.

hope you're enjoying your wednesday!!

Tuesday, September 9

my sweater is...almost DONE!!

well, thanks to chunky yarn and big needles i finished up this little number last night with a success!! i'm excited that it actually turned out, and it's really cute on as well. i still have to graft together the underarm stitches, but all in all it's an actual sweater. i took good notes on all the steps so i have an actual pattern under my belt now. it's exciting to think that after applying some math and measuring skills i can actually create something that fits. it has started a whole slue of ideas in my head of sweaters and other things to create and make, articles of clothing that i can make fit like a glove!!! once i get it all done and blocked i will take a picture of it actually being worn, but i was eager to share. thanks for all the positive feedback.

Monday, September 8

the yarn makes a comeback

about a month ago i was going through my closet and sorting yarn and packing up. i found a sweater which i had knitted a few years ago and have since decided that i didn't like. so, being of a "reuse it" persuasion, i unraveled my hard work and started cooking up a new sweater in my mind. now, there have been many times that i've thought about writing my own patterns, but haven't actually done it. but now is not that time. i actually started to write MY OWN pattern for this sweater and am about halfway done. these pictures are from saturday night, i got about 11 inches knit. since then i've done the sleeves, started the V-neck and am about to start decreasing up into the shoulder area.
i even tried it on last night after i got up to the underarms and it's actually cute! that's the best part, it might actually be a wearable sweater! anyways, i will post more pictures as i finish up these next few days.

Thursday, September 4

stained glass "quilting" square

i bought this stained glass about a year ago up in denali national park and haven't had windows in which to display it, i'm so excited that now i do, so i put it right in our front window and i love it. i love that it uses the same pattern as a quilting square and the colors are so fresh and green... everything about it is perfect. so, the house is still coming together.