Monday, September 8

the yarn makes a comeback

about a month ago i was going through my closet and sorting yarn and packing up. i found a sweater which i had knitted a few years ago and have since decided that i didn't like. so, being of a "reuse it" persuasion, i unraveled my hard work and started cooking up a new sweater in my mind. now, there have been many times that i've thought about writing my own patterns, but haven't actually done it. but now is not that time. i actually started to write MY OWN pattern for this sweater and am about halfway done. these pictures are from saturday night, i got about 11 inches knit. since then i've done the sleeves, started the V-neck and am about to start decreasing up into the shoulder area.
i even tried it on last night after i got up to the underarms and it's actually cute! that's the best part, it might actually be a wearable sweater! anyways, i will post more pictures as i finish up these next few days.


littlegreen said...

holy cow, you made your own pattern!!? you are amazing, truly my hero! :)

Megan said...

Wow wow wow!!!!!! I can't even fathom writing my own pattern. I just started knitting a pair of mittens, and I'm still stumped at my cast on. It's wonky or something. I frogged it once, and started again, and it's still wonky! And these are tiny child's mittens! Yes, you're my knitting hero as well. Are you sure you can't find a job as a private knitting tutor or something, maybe at a funky little yarn store? That would be awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Oh, and by the way, your sketches are gorgeous as well. You're such a natural artist! :)

Megan said...

Oh, and you have cute carpet! :)

THE O'S said...

Jesie- you are a wonder! You make me want to get my yarn out. seriously, before i die- i'm giong to make a cute sweater (for somebody little, with someone else's pattern) :)
love, linds