Wednesday, December 10

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!

i am so excited for Christmas this year. i always feel so excited every year to put up the tree and decorate and create that wonderful Christmas feeling in my house. i snapped a few shots from the other night when we put up our little tree.

this tree topper is kind of a funny story. i've been looking for something for awhile and i could never find anything to match the rest of my ornaments and look nice on top... and the other day i found this santa and he was a little messed up, his belt was broken and his beard all matted and he was actually a "fishing" santa, he was originally holding a trout in his left hand and the "staff" in his right was a fishing pole. not being a real big fisher, i took him apart a bit and pieced him back together and i just can't resist the big busy beard and the colors, he's a perfect match for the tree! (the tree is not huge, so maybe he's a little big, but that's okay!)

and for the first time ever we don't live in a basement at Christmas time so we had this space up above the kitchen cupboards, so we bought a garland, it really ties the room together in a festive way.

you may remember saint nicholas from an earlier blog, he finally gets his moment to shine underneath the tree on my new tree skirt. (okay, the skirt isn't really new, i made it last year but i made it after Christmas and never got to put it on display)

my last photo for today is just a little of the Christmas cheer i'm preparing. my friend rochelle and i had a jewelry night this week and it got the juices flowing, more to follow, soon.

there are more Christmas projects in the works, but as they are by nature Christmas "presents" i am trying to be secretive and not share the pictures with the world, so stay tuned to see what fun things i've got to show you... after Christmas, (or maybe littls hints at things before Christmas). Merry Christmas all of you!


the O's said...

I love it all Jes! The jewelry inspires me to go make my grandma a bracelet. Merry Christmas!

littlegreen said...

oh my gosh, i love the garland, the tree skirt, the santa topper, i love it all, the garland above the cabinets really makes it feel like a real house for some reason, love it!!! i should take some pics of our decorated house too, good idea!!
oh, and LOVE the earrings, i wore the pair you made me yesterday when I went out to a baby shower and got several compliments, thanks jes!!!

Megan said...

Ooooooo, it all looks so Christmasy! I love the garland on top of your cupboards, so fun! And what a great fishing santa! I just wish I could come over and hang out for awhile and enjoy the Christmas cheer in your house, it looks so cozy! Oh, and I'm jealous of your tree skirt, I've never had one and I always mean to make one, way to go! (I just wrap a blanket around the bottom, it works.) :)