Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

i wish we could all be together for the holidays, but since we can't i'll share a little of mine with you all. here's our yummy feast for the day.

so, at the 12:oo position we have garlic mashed potatoes with "the real deal" turkey gravy. following a clockwise direction we next have "sage-roasted" turkey. it was awesome and not dried out at all, something i was pretty stressed out about. next is the extra yummy cranberry-apricot relish (made with fresh ginger and orange juice!) and then the other red salad is a cranberry salad compliments of the midwife at the ob-gyn office i work for. at the 9:00 position we have brown butter and almond green beans. and then a good old crescent roll! it was delicious!!! and although it was just nate and i eating, it still felt like a festive Thanksgiving. I'm so grateful for such a holiday where we can reflect on all the blessings in our lives. i hope everyone else had an abundant holiday also. the day is not over yet, we still have pumpkin cheesecake in the fridge... better hurry back to the kitchen!


Megan said...

Yum yum yum! We just finished our fabulous feast, I'll post about it sometime, but sadly enough I didn't get any pictures! I guess the main chef is too busy for photography. I love your red plates! I'll have to get your cranberry ginger recipe. I had candied ginger in my turkey brine, it was delish! I got good comments on the brining, I think it gave the turkey a bit of extra yumminess, like a marinade, and it was definitely not dry. It was awesome to talk to you last night, i felt like we were working together in the kitchen, we'll have to do that more often! Love you lots!

littlegreen said...

Jessi......It all looks yummy. We didn't take any pictures either and our brie dish was very artistically done. Wish we could have shared it with you. One of these days we will do Thanksgiving together so that we can all have a food assignment and each of us concentrate on the yummy stuff. I also love the red plates. Do you have a complete set of red?
love. mom

THE O'S said...

yum Jes! You must have been born a fabulous cook, because I also associate hummus, crepes, and sauteed veggie pasta with your lovely name :) Wish I could have tasted
love, Linds

littlegreen said...

yummmmmmmmm.... I LOVE thanksgiving, and your plate of food looks delicious, one of these years we'll all get together again and we'll all have so many grand recipes we've found over the years it's going to be delicious on the stomach!!!! love you jes!

the O's said...

Hey Jes- will you email me your new address so we can send you guys a Christmas card?
love, linds