Friday, November 7

believe me, i know it is not christmas yet...

but, as a knitter, i have to get a headstart on some of these "Christmas" projects or else they will never get done. i found some discounted red tencel yarn the other day at my LYS and i was inspired to cast on this adorable father christmas. i just couldn't help myself. but i promise not to display until at least after thanksgiving. (but i will share, now!) the original pattern did not feature buttons on the front, but they really add character.

so, i think he will make a nice addition to the christmas decor around here. What do you think? he's super long too, the pattern said about 18" but i would say about 20" at least. i don't know why i thought he'd be a little thing... oh, i was definitely wrong.

okay, enough early christmas cheer, back to november now right? happy thanksgiving month!!


littlegreen said...

ahhhh, I LOVE him!! I love tall skinny santas, way to go Jes, and I don't think he's really all that big, perfect size! Now hopefully your kiddos someday aren't afraid of him, he doesn't look quite as scary or weird as mom and dad's stuffed santa!!
love you!

Megan said...

Soooooo cute! And I bet he's so soft, being made of tencel! I can't wait to see more of your holiday creations! You inspire me!