Friday, October 31

in the past few weeks... (oh, and happy halloween!!!)

so, yes, i've been doing stuff, just never getting around to documenting and posting. my knitting projects are taking over all my time, you won't find me complaining though. first, my little pumpkins are basically my only halloween decorations. a super easy, super quick little knit with some bulky brown sheep yarn called shepard's shades. i think i might use some more of it in a sweater i've been eyeing. it feels awesome to work with, and i love the soft bulkiness and rich colors.

a few other little projects are also jumping off my needles. i made this hat a few weeks ago after i saw the cast-on technique featured at the local yarn store here. it's a two-color cast-on followed by a chevron pattern resulting in what looks like a braid. i thought it made a really cute edge and wanted to try it out. this is definitely a "scrap" hat of whatever was in my bag during that specific car ride... i believe it was on a trip to the zoo. i was also trying a different decrease technique... came out kind of funny, it needs some tweaking, but it felt good to broaden my hat making horizons.

and last but not least of course, a few toys. i've been wanting to try this cute chicken pattern for awhile, from Itsy Bitsy Nursery... a little altered as far as the embellishments and attached pieces, but definitely just as endearing as the original was to me. destined for my shelf of knit toys that enjoy hanging out with each other. and the last picture is a peek at what is to come... what with Christmas and all... i'm getting a head start. stay tuned!!!


Megan said...

Oh wow wow wow! You've been so busy! You put my little pair of mittens that have been on my needles for 2 months to shame! :) I love everything, and i can't decide which I love best! The hat is beautiful, love all the colours in it, they all look so beautiful together. And those little pumpkins are adorable, I'll have to show Emberly, she'll love them. I might have to put those on my list for next year, how fun! And the chicken is so cute! And I can't wait to see what's to come, looks like a cute little santa or something! You are a knitting wonder!

carter green said...

no joke i dont know how you find time to do so much knitting. i still have one unfinished hat that i started this summer and it is sitting on my dresser waiting for me to give it some attention. but i do love all your creations: of course the hat, the duck is cool and that pumpkin is way cool!!

littlegreen said...

oh my goodness you have been knitting out the wazoo! I LOVE the hat, it's gorgeous!! You always have so many beautiful knitted things, I love it!! And I can't wait to see how that awesome santa guy turns out, love it already!

THE O'S said...

serioussly jes- after seeing all your great creations, i've been 'eyeing' the yarn at the craft stores . one of these days i'm going to pick those needles back up, just hope my fingers remember how to do the work! :)
remember that one morning you woke up at like 6 or so, and i was finishing that mitten in my bed?
maybe i shouldn't start knitting again... :)

we were up in logan today- rainy, but beautiful! oh, and i was telling my bookclub friends about you the other night, and how you reminded me of elizabeth from pride and prej :0) so amazing and creative, and lyrical
love you, linds