Sunday, June 29

weekend accomplishment

so, here are some of the projects i finished up this weekend. friday night was our lys fiber night and i came really close to finishing up the zebra but didn't actually put the mane and eyes on until i was listening to nate's jazz gig on saturday night at a little coffee shop down the street.
but then i found myself on sunday afternoon without a planned knitting project, so i picked up a dishtowel that i started a few months ago and finished that up. and then for good measure in the photo department i thought i would include a shot of us at the bees game in salt lake with kate and jordan! it was an awesome night!
so basically, i finished some projects and will start digging around in my stash for something else to work on... who knows what will be next.
(i just love the little zebra, he's so soft and floppy)


littlegreen said...

oh, I LOVE that zebra, sooo cute!! And seriously you always go so far on your embroidery, that one is beautiful!! I need to get out some embroidery too. I am also amazed that you took pictures and posted them so quickly. I got a lot done this weekend but haven't shot any of it... Man, we should live close so we can have random project days together. Jordo had to work most of Saturday so I just projected away! love ya!

Valerie said...

I found your blog! (Hi, remember me from Friday night at the LYS? I'm the baby-hog.) Your zebra is adorable and your embroidery is lovely. I have some Aunt Lydia transfers that have been languishing in a drawer and you are inspiring me to get them out. I need some dancing cutlery on my dishtowels.

Megan said...

Wow, you've been busy! You and Kates are really making me feel like I need to get my projects out and get going! I love the zebra, so cute! And that dishtowel is great! Where did you get that transfer? I LOVE it!

cwalburger said...

Aww, I love yoru Zebrea! It is so adorable!! I have to admit that I was blog hopping. I saw that you ahd posted on Megan's Muse, and thoguht I would visit your blog. Hope you do not mind. I am Megan's sister in law. Happy Blogging!