Friday, June 27

this is my newly finished little yellow sweater.
the yarn is brown sheep's serendipity tweed, a cotton/wool blend... unfortunately the cotton doesn't make the wool part less itchy so i have to wear a t-shirt underneath instead of just a tanktop. oh well, it's still cute. i may redo the side seams to take it in a bit, i haven't decided yet. in the hot weather we've been having it's just a little on the hot side, so i haven't been wearing it a ton. but i love it and i think it turned out cute.


Megan said...

I LOVE it! So cute! Where did you get the pattern? It looks like a sweater/shirt that would be great for kind of cool summer days or fall and spring, and super cute for work. Does your work have cold air-conditioning? You could wear it then! Love the project, keep 'em coming!

littlegreen said...

Oh cute!!! Oh yeah, I can imagine it would be a little hot right now, that is so cute though, I love the little opening at the neck!!

Steph said...

Hi Jesie!
It's Steph (Carn). I'm glad you have a blog too! I'm so impressed by this sweater and your other crafts. Man you are a talented family!
I would totally buy this sweater in a store.
I'm excited to read more about what's going on with you!