Thursday, June 26

starting out

well, i guess this is the big day... i'm speaking specifically to my sisters who have been urging me to start a blog of my own. i suppose i'm now officially "in" on the blogging.

i'll have to figure some things out with posting pictures and stuff, but i will do my best to be diligent at sharing all of my latest projects and creations.

so, until next time, happy blogging.


littlegreen said...

yahahaaa!!!!! Welcome jes!! is that my shower curtain in your banner? :) love it! yay, can't wait to hear more from you! i love it!!

Megan said...

Yay! You made it over into crazyland, you'll love it! I'm so glad because I want to see all your projects and hear all about life in Indiana! I'll put your link on my blog! Love ya!

Callie said...

Jessi..........great job. The sweater is beautiful, you've done a nice job. I think this is a great idea for us all to stay connected with our little projects. I'm almost tempted to follow in your footsteps.....blogging that is, not trying to make myself a sweater.