Sunday, July 6

guess what this is?

i joined a "knitted toys" group on ravelry and agreed to test knit this pattern for a sea creature, which will be revealed at a later date as it becomes more defined in shape... and her version was knit with a fingering weight yarn. unfortunately, i have an abundance of bulkier yarn, more like a heavy worsted weight, and i figured i would use it instead and just have a slightly bigger animal. well, slightly bigger is an understatement, this thing is huge!!! the good thing is that it is eating up my stash that is probably due for some shrinkage.

this other photo is also a work in progress, a new bag that i am making.
they shouldn't take too long to finish. i promise to keep you updated with the finished projects, coming soon.


littlegreen said...

is it an octopus?? man, it does look huge!!! But fun I suppose!! :) Cute bag!

Megan said...

Yep, I guess octopus too! Is it going to be felted? Or just really huge? But who doesn't need a really huge octopus lying around! :)

I love all your beautiful projects, that bag is gorgeous!