Monday, July 14

the demise of the sea monster

well, i don't have a photo to post today. the octopus i was knitting is no longer. i was too frustrated with the legs to continue and i didn't want to buy more yarn, so i frogged the whole thing. never felt better! i will still make it sometime, but i will buy yarn that is matching for the whole octopus and then i won't have to deal with the frustrations of a million different gauges. stay tuned for better projects to be up and running soon.


Megan said...

I'm so sad for the sea monster! But looking forward to all the new projects! I hear ya on trying to use up remnants and scraps and stuff. I have so many odds and ends around here, I hate to buy something new, but I don't know what to make with what I have. Hmmmmmm, keep inspiring us! Love ya!

littlegreen said...

ahhh, I do hate it when I have to undo an entire project... but it does always feel better afterwards, then you can either do it right or do something else, but you have no regrets on finishing something the wrong way!