Sunday, November 14

for the boy!

so, these projects came out of the yummy box of yarn that i showed in my last post, and i love the way they all turned out. first this little hat, it's super soft and made from a neat slip-stitch pattern that makes it really squishy and soft, i can't wait to slip it on a little head (and see if it actually stays there, as i understand some kids just can't take that...which makes me think i should make a few little hats that can tie under the chin, hmm, another project?)
second, we've got the little knitted bell-bottoms. which i just couldn't resist making, although now that i've got them done, i'm pretty sure they will fit poorly over a diaper, but they are still cute and they were a quick knit, they are pretty small, so maybe he'll get to wear them a few times. the yarn is sooooo soft (and fully machine washable and dryable)!

this little green sweater is one of my favorites so far! it is the perfect spring grass color and is super soft and stretchy, great to slip over a little onesie! i just can't wait to try these on an actual baby (with my luck they won't fit or something sad like that...) but i couldn't be happier while knitting them, they are just so cute and small!
i started one more project this weekend, another sweater, but once i finished it i felt extremely unhappy with it and am now just building up the nerve to unravel all the hours of work. i love the color and the yarn, but somehow it doesn't look like it would even fit my hand, much less a baby! it's so tiny, i can't quite figure it out, so i have resigned myself to unraveling and i will post it when i have made it again (it really is a good thing these things are so small.)

SO, there are the recent items to be added to my stash of baby knits. i will probably take a break for a few weeks from baby items so that i can knit up some christmas spirit...exactly what i will be making for the holidays is still to be decided, but i love christmas knitting!

i hope everyone is enjoying fall! it's soup & bread, sweater & scarf weather, my favorite!!


Megan said...

I love soup and bread and sweater weather too! I just love being in squishy socks and sweaters, and it looks like that little guy of yours is going to be the best dressed baby around. I love that hat, I'm going to make one I think. And the sweater is adorable, the green colour is awesome. The pants look so soft and warm, you'd be surprised about how thin diapers are, hopefully they'll fit him!

McKenzie said...

You've been busy!! All your baby items are super cute!