Sunday, August 2

recycled elephant!

so, i've been working on this little guy for awhile. the pattern i was attempting to follow was full of many, many poor ideas and mistakes, so i had to spend some extra time making him look like a cuddly elephant and not an alien life-form. he spent a weekend with nate and i as a fully-finished elephant (even accompanying us to a Reds baseball game in Cincinnati) before being handed over to one of my coworkers who is expecting a little boy next month.

i forgot to take a picture of the unsightly sweater that this yarn once belonged to, maybe next time i will remember. but the good news is that a $3.00 sweater made this whole animal and left me with plenty for another, nothing like a good washable cotton recycled sweater!he is sure happy that nate let him sit on his lap and help drive! woohoo! go reds!


Megan said...

That may just be the cutest little elephant I've ever seen! I can't believe you made him out of a recycled sweater, and way to go on the pattern reconstruction! You are a knitting goddess! :) Love ya!

the O's said...

He's a babe Jes. And so is the elephant. ha ha. :) I gave your mom and dad a big hug at the fish fry last week :)


Vanessa said...

My little Darion is an elephant lover!! He got a kick out the pictures of your elephant it`s so cute!

littlegreen said...

so I never commented on this, but after checking back for like the twentieth time I thought I better tell you how cute he is! He looks so soft and squishy!! I love how you take sweaters apart to make things, you rock Jes!!