Wednesday, June 24

my striped cardigan

i bought this yarn on clearance last year for my birthday (thanks mom for the gift certificate). they didn't have enough of any one color so i mixed it up a bit with the stripes! the pattern is the "sienna cardigan" from interweave knits and it is truly one of the warmest, coziest sweaters, perfect for people that don't turn their heat on much in the wintertime. not so perfect for hot and humid indiana summer days... sorry i didn't post this when i first finished a few months ago. but better late than never.

and yeah, the pictures aren't really that great, i'd like to blame it on the camera but it's really probably just me and my inability to get simple settings correct!


Ariane said...

Better late than never is right, I love seeing all your family's crafty talents! It inspires me. So where exactly did you learn to knit? Where did you go when you needed help?

Megan said...

Wow! I LOVE it! It looks so warm, I just want to feel it, it looks like really nice yarn! I'm super duper impressed Jes, it's gorgeous, I can't wait to see more of your knitting! I'm impressed!

Pauline and Randy said...

Cute Blog Jess!