Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

i wish we could all be together for the holidays, but since we can't i'll share a little of mine with you all. here's our yummy feast for the day.

so, at the 12:oo position we have garlic mashed potatoes with "the real deal" turkey gravy. following a clockwise direction we next have "sage-roasted" turkey. it was awesome and not dried out at all, something i was pretty stressed out about. next is the extra yummy cranberry-apricot relish (made with fresh ginger and orange juice!) and then the other red salad is a cranberry salad compliments of the midwife at the ob-gyn office i work for. at the 9:00 position we have brown butter and almond green beans. and then a good old crescent roll! it was delicious!!! and although it was just nate and i eating, it still felt like a festive Thanksgiving. I'm so grateful for such a holiday where we can reflect on all the blessings in our lives. i hope everyone else had an abundant holiday also. the day is not over yet, we still have pumpkin cheesecake in the fridge... better hurry back to the kitchen!

Friday, November 7

believe me, i know it is not christmas yet...

but, as a knitter, i have to get a headstart on some of these "Christmas" projects or else they will never get done. i found some discounted red tencel yarn the other day at my LYS and i was inspired to cast on this adorable father christmas. i just couldn't help myself. but i promise not to display until at least after thanksgiving. (but i will share, now!) the original pattern did not feature buttons on the front, but they really add character.

so, i think he will make a nice addition to the christmas decor around here. What do you think? he's super long too, the pattern said about 18" but i would say about 20" at least. i don't know why i thought he'd be a little thing... oh, i was definitely wrong.

okay, enough early christmas cheer, back to november now right? happy thanksgiving month!!