Sunday, May 23

mr. monkey

one of my coworkers is expecting a little girl in july. i was excited to give her this little monkey this last weekend, and admittedly a little sad to see it go, i liked it so much. two different recycled sweaters contributed in the yarn category, both being very soft and fully washable/dryable...which i'm sure will come in handy with a little "etsy" shop is only days away from being updated! i've got a few turtle rattles, some hats, a doll and some jewelry to post. i don't know why it always takes me so long to get an update together, but i'll let you know you when you can check it out. in the meantime, enjoy the end of may!


Megan said...

So cute!!!! Is he also made from your pattern? And the recycled yarn you use is amazing, it looks so great, I really need to get out there and find some good sweaters to unravel! So much yarn for such a great price! :) Love ya, I can't wait to see you!

kryskamp said...

oooh, I love him!! oh, and I am putting a plug in for those turtle rattles, I LOVE those things, so cute! M loves hers too!
i love all your dolls jes, the animals and the people dolls, so much fun!

Vanessa said...

Oh he is so cute!! I love that he`s big and you could just cuddle up with him!