Sunday, April 4

batman makes a friend

i recently got an order to make a cowboy for a friend of mine in Utah. upon completion, the cowboy seemed to make himself right at home and chum up with batman... this is the way they looked on the morning i mailed the cowboy off to his new owner (my husband is the prime suspect in this "match" seeing how they were not left in this position the previous night). but the end had to come and the cowboy is now on his way to be a little boy's birthday present, hopefully he likes him as much as we did. here are just a few shots to remember him by.the handle-bar mustache was nate's genius idea, as well as the main design for the cowboy hat, which was somewhat of a knitting-engineering dilemma (the key is pipecleaners...) and the rest of the details just kind of fell into place. yeehaw!!!
i really love making these toys. for anyone out there reading this, i'm always up for custom orders! in other knitting news, my lone mitten also got a mate. i am all finished with another great project (well, finished except for the blocking). thanks again to my mom for the book of patterns. i can't wait to make another pair, and i really can't wait for winter to roll around again so i can actually enjoy them out in the real world.what's on the needles now? well, since batman lost his cowboy buddy, i'm whipping up a suitable superhero friend to fill the void. check back soon.


Vanessa said...

OOOOh I want those mittens can I put an order in?? You are so talented way to go Jess!

Megan said...

Wow!!! Seriously, your work is gorgeous! The cowboy is awesome, he looks so at home with batman, I think they'd be a good team. I can't wait to see what else you're whipping up. A little Robin doll? Maybe Joker? He'd be fun to knit. You are such a fun knitter, I just finished yet another dish cloth during conference, and then on my needles right now I have, yep, you guessed it, another dishcloth! Actually I have 2 half finished dishclothes on needles now, so creative! :)

the O's said...

I love it all Jes. I had a funny dream about you last night, probably because over conference weekend I finished making a new "tuke" for Matt. It's a little on the small side though, I think I'm going to have to try again. I haven't picked up 'the needles' for years- like 5 or something, but I made a scarf for Ellyn on the way to California last month, and then the hat for Matt. Iforgot how fun it is. Anyways- the dream was that you had the old tuke hat that Matt made so long ago in the stone house, and I was like, "Oh- you have the tuke", beacuse we lost it long ago.... dumb, I know, Nice to see you in my dreams though :)


emily ballard said...

The cowboy came in the mail today! It is so great. . . I love it! Can't wait to give it to him!