Sunday, May 10

happy mother's day!

i just want to say thank you to all the great mothers and mother-figures in my life. happy mother's day everyone, what a blessing it is to have a mother that loves my little kangaroo here, taking care of her little roo! she's now happily hopping around with my darling little niece mckinley jane!


Megan said...

Happy Mother's Day Jes! What a perfect little kangaroo for mother's day, I'm sure little M has had a great time grabbing at her ears and sucking on her nose! :)

You do the most beautiful knitting! Seriously, I'm in awe every time I see your work! Did you like that sweater pattern I sent you? I still want to make something like that, it's so fun! Anyways, love you lots!

the O's said...

so cute Jes. Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes. You are wonderful and I miss you!

littlegreen said...

by the way, M LOVES her kanga and roo... I have been trying to get a picture of her with it because it is so cute, she'll sit there and pull it up from the floor next to her and pull it up to where it's standing and then sort of lean on to it and hug it, SO adorable. And the scarf has pretty much become a toy all of its own. Thank you thank you Jes! Oh, and you get compliments ALL the time on the little chicken/hen thing, it's been with her in her carseat on the go right now and so lots of people see it and LOVE it... you should seriously go into business or something, love you, thank you for everything!!