Thursday, August 28

The Purchase of New Stools

well, the move has been made and the search is now beginning for all the little furniture/home items which seem to be necessary. in lieu of a dining room table we are using our counter to eat at, which demands some type of seating. i found these stools today at a furniture exchange and they go really well in my new kitchen. i still have to clean them up a bit, but overall i'm satisfied and my kitchen is now upon the brink of completion. now that bigger things are getting put into place, such as seating, the yarn will soon find it's way out of it's current home and tempt me into starting all sorts of new projects. which i will of course share once they are started. til then.


Megan said...

Oh my goodness, I love the stool! What a great find, I would have snatched those up too, and I don't even have a place to put them! I'm so glad to see you back at your blog, keep the new house pictures coming, I love it!

littlegreen said...

oooh, super cute!! Nice find!! Can't wait to see more projects... I need to get back on posting myself, I have taken so many pictures over the last few weeks and posted none of them!!
love ya.

Andry said...

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