Monday, February 28

arrival of the kiddo

i am aware that it has been a million years since i have updated my blog and there is a very real possibility that no one is even reading it anymore (except my sweet sisters right?). please accept my apologies. words can't do justice to the roller coaster ride of the last 4 months, but i'll throw out just a few to give you the basic idea: bedrest, 2 months premature, NICU, etc... to show for it all, we were finally able to bring home our little boy Oliver Odin. we are blessed to have a healthy little kiddo who is about to be 3 months old, he's an absolute fighter and is doing great. now that he is home and finally fattening up, we will be trying to reestablish some form of normalcy. i do have some fun projects to share, but it will have to wait for another post, as the aforesaid little one is in my lap with the hiccups and a funny look on his face (probably a disaster in the diaper area). so, again accept my apologies, life has been wild.and please don't write me off completely, i will try to get another post up before another 4 months pass by.